NS2service.net - IPv6 support / New server IP addresses

Wednesday, 07 December 2016

As of today, we fully support IPv6 on our DNS servers at NS2service.net. So any domain names that you host with us can now also be resolved over IPv6.
However, in order to support IPv6 we had to move our DNS servers to new data centers, which means that our DNS servers are also getting new IPv4 addresses.
NS2service.net users who have their (primary) DNS server configured to restrict zone transfers by IP address (rather than by TSIG signature) will need to update their configuration to accept zone transfer requests from the new IP addresses (e-mail sent directly with this / available when logged into our website).
We recommend that all users restrict zone transfers using TSIG signatures rather than by IP address. This way they won't need to do anything if our server IP addresses change again in the future.
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